0376 pc311 Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

0376 pc311 Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone Ben144x141

Don’t ask how to fight a government. Learn how to defeat the State!


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3 Responses to 0376 pc311 Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself

  1. Vince says:

    You suck! This is the third podcast of yours that I’ve heard and not only am I hooked, but I’ve also started thinking more critically about government and the concept of “the state” with none of the: tinfoil hat, Alex Jones, head for the hills schtick. What’s worse is that, while listening I find out you’re going to “cut back” on casts?! Well… if you must, I guess I’ll just have to listen to older ones. lol
    Seriously, I really like the mellow, well-thought-out methodology. One of our biggest problems, in regards to dealing with government, is it always seemed like nothing we did really mattered. And people would always get disheartened. Now I know why and how we can combat that. Thank you.

  2. Joe Davis says:

    I enjoyed your Know Your Enemy, Know Yourself. I particular enjoy to hear you mention the “Overmountain Men”. It would be cool to hear your opinions on the state of Franklin in a future podcast.

    Thank you,

    Keep up the good fight,


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