Win Ben Stone’s Namecoin!


Well, it’s not really Ben Stone’s, but we liked the sound of it. It is from an anonymous benefactor for the FreeSpeechMe project. MWD calls him “AnonBen” for short, so his name sort of is Ben. Here’s more info:

WRITE A TWEET and WIN 20 Namecoin from FreeSpeechMe!


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News Flash! Bad Quaker Has Now Joined The Dot-Bit Community

News Flash! Bad Quaker Dot Com Has Now Joined The Dot-Bit Community to Prevent Website Censorship!

I’m still trying to recover from my recent health problems, so I haven’t fully explored this. But my great friend Michael Dean is working with a guy named Jeremy Rand who has come up with a Namecoin-based Free Software program called FreeSpeechMe.

This is so you can surf Namecoin-based Dot-Bit sites. These are more secure than Dot-Com sites AND will keep governments from seizing domains.

You can install the plug-in for Windows and GNU/Linux from HERE: (Read the full instructions. The first time you run it, you have to leave it running for five hours to download the blockchain before it will work. After that, it updates silently in the background.)

So if (when?) is ever taken down by the government octopus, you will still be able to get to it from http://badquaker.bit/ with Jeremy and Michael’s FreeSpeechMe plug-in. Michael set that up for me, and it’s already working. You can view it from anywhere in the world using the plug-in.

Michael’s on a LIBERTY MISSION to spread this groundbreaking (and simple) technology to as many humans as possible “before the boot comes down.”

There are a few things on the Dot-Bit version that we need to tweak with internal links and such, but we’ll do that in the coming weeks. For now, install and start using the plug-in, and bookmark the badquaker.bit address.

There are other Dot-Bit sites up now, there’s a list on Michael’s FreeSpeechMe site. And he encourages people to start there own Dot-Bit sites (he wrote tutorials on that site), and spread this to as many people as possible.

This is a groundbreaking achievement for the Liberty Mission, brothers and sisters. An actual SOLUTION sure beats just complaining about things like we sometimes tend to do.

I’m Ben Stone and I approve this software.

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A Letter From Ben; I’m Alive!

A Letter From Ben; I’m Alive!

Hey Everyone!
Ben here, I thought I would give you folks an update.
First, let me thank the admins, mods, friends, and family, who posted here, on reddit, and on facebook, to keep the updates flowing while I was down. Also I want to thank everyone for the out-pouring of support we have received. You guys rock!
So here’s what happened:
As far as we can tell, it appears I contracted a virus, likely during October of 2013. It appears this virus damaged my heart muscle and one of my heart valves. As a result, my body began retaining fluid in my chest cavity, my lungs, and my abdomen. I mistranslated this fluid retention as a mere chest cold. As it worsened in December, I thought I had pneumonia. By January my feet and hands began to swell, and yet I put off going to the doctor. In spite of the advice and insistence of people like my beloved wife and my good friend Michael Dean, I continued to avoid the doctor until the morning of Friday January 31st. On that morning, my wife took me to an urgent care facility outside Mobile Alabama. They took one look at me and called for an ambulance. I was moments from cardiac arrest, and literally looking into the eyes of eternity and whatever it holds. Due to the quick actions of the urgent care unit, the ambulance crew, and the Providence Hospital Emergency Room, I am alive to type this letter.
As soon as I was stabilized, I was admitted to the Providence Hospital and began treatment and testing. From that Friday until Sunday I lost over 8 pounds of fluid from my chest, lungs, and abdomen. On Monday a scope was sent from my groin to my heart, and the doctors took a good look at my innards.

The Prognosis:
I am currently on a regime of drugs meant to keep fluid from building back up while improving my heart condition. With medical treatment and exercise, we hope to repair at least some of the damage that was caused by the virus. In three months the doctors will re-examine me and determine if we have been successful or if major heart surgery is going to be required.

At The Moment:
Since they got that 8 pounds of fluid out of me, I feel great! I actually went to the grocery store with my wife today and walked around. I haven’t been able to do anything close to that in months.

I expect this mess will cost a bundle. Currently folks have given Bitcoin and Paypal donations and I can’t express enough, how grateful I am. At present, we have no idea how much the insurance will cover and how much we will be stuck with. As soon as we know something we will make a post explaining the money situation. Again, thanks for the outpouring of support!

What’s Next:
I have been instructed to take it easy. However I am working on notes and trying to get caught up. For the last couple months, I couldn’t sit at my desk for more than a few minutes. So now that I can sit at my desk, I can begin making podcast notes and maybe even some podcasts.

Thanks again for all the support!
Ben Stone


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Monday Update on Ben’s Situation

For Release, Monday February 3, 2014
Mobile AL
Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized with Heart Failure

Monday Update on Ben’s Situation

Ben Stone was admitted to Providence Hospital, Mobile Alabama, on Friday January 31st, 2014, suffering from heart failure. This update is as of Monday February 3rd, 2014, 5:30pm local Mobile AL time.

Today Ben underwent extensive testing that included a cardiac catheterization. As a result of this testing it was determined that, although the damage to Ben’s heart is significant, surgery will be postponed for at least 3 months, barring any unforeseen circumstances, while other treatment options are pursued. Ben is expected to be discharged from Providence Hospital, Mobile AL, sometime this evening. During the next three months Ben will remain under professional treatment as an outpatient.

The staff at Bad Quaker Dot Com wishes to thank the many people who have reached out to us with your support and your thoughts. Ben has been shown the messages, the facebook comments, and has heard the broadcasts that have been dedicated to him and expresses his heart felt thanks to all for their kind words. Additionally, we would like to thank those who have already donated Bitcoin to this cause.


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Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized, Heart Failure

For Release, February 2, 2014
Mobile AL
Update: Ben Stone Hospitalized, Heart Failure

Due to complications, possibly the result of pneumonia, Ben began having heart failure and was admitted to Providence Hospital, Mobile Alabama, on Friday January 31st, 2014.

Currently Ben’s condition is stable and he is resting comfortably, however there may be complications/damage with his heart. On Monday February 3rd, doctors will use a heart catheter/scope to determine if Ben will be released or if further treatment/surgery is necessary. At present, heart surgery is the most likely course of action, however that decision will be made on Monday. Please do not bother the hospital staff with inquiries, as they are very busy and don’t have the time to field the quantity of call that a situation like this can produce.

Financial Concerns:
Caring friends have inquired about the costs being incurred and if there is a way to help Ben and his family at this time. There is insurance in place to offset some of the expenses, however we expect the costs to far exceed what insurance will cover and will likely consume far more than the family has in reserve. Once testing is completed on Monday, a better picture of the cost of this process will emerge and we will likely set up a process so that friends and supporters of Ben will have a way to express themselves through financial support. To donate Bitcoin directly to the medical fund, please visit our Donations page, or use this QR code:

What Can You Do Right Now?
Right now you can help! Spread the word through social media, through email, and any other way you can think of. Ben Stone has been dedicated to the mission of liberty and has invested countless thousands of hours spreading the word that people are good, and people don’t need government to nurture them and protect them and regulate them and control them. Ben has argued that people, left to themselves, will care for, protect, and help their fellow man. If you believe Ben’s message, then in the weeks to come you can help prove that message.

You can expect an update here on BQDC, on Ben’s situation on Monday February 3rd, as the family is informed by the doctors. Also the Bad Quaker fan site on facebook will be updated as the family communicates with the admins there. (link above at facebook)

Lastly, keep Ben and his family in your thoughts. This is especially hard on his loving wife of 33 years, Cindy, and his 3 children and his grandson.


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Important Update About Bad Quaker Podcast

Important Update About Bad Quaker Podcast

Due to on-going health issues, Ben Stone will be taking an extended time away from podcasting, radio appearances, personal appearances, the Bad Quaker Forum, and the internet in general. As the situation changes, updates will be posted here on Bad Quaker Dot Com.
We are working on the assumption that Ben will recover, and do so sooner rather than later. As we know the situation today, Ben is struggling with pneumonia and lacks the breath to speak on a continuous basis. That said, Ben is generally strong and will likely overcome this temporary difficulty.

Special notice for those who have donated to Bad Quaker Dot Com:
Funding is in place to maintain the Bad Quaker web sites well into 2015. If you have recently donated to Bad Quaker Dot Com and feel you would like a refund due to the lack of podcasts and other content, please email badquaker (at) and include the amount you would like refunded along with the date(s) that you donated and the method of refund you would prefer. We will be happy to respond.
Currently, medical bills are not an issue for Ben. If this changes, we will post an update at Bad Quaker Dot Com.

The staff of Bad Quaker Dot Com thanks you for your ongoing support and your understanding during this time.

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What’s George Fox Say?

… and now for something completely different:

What’s George Fox Say?

George Fox (July 1624 – 13 January 1691) was an English Dissenter and a founder of the Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers or Friends.


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Ben Visits Voluntary Virtues

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone BadQuakerLogo300x300

Today Ben talks to Robert Kruger and Daniel Rothschild from Voluntary Virtues, about activism, violence, and defeating the State.

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Talking to Paul Rosenberg

Bad Quaker Podcast
With Ben Stone PaulRosenberg

Ben talks to Paul Rosenberg about security, the end of the State, Bitcoin, and the Silk Road.


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Hoodie The Homeless Press Release

Bitcoin Not Bombs


For immediate release: 12/9/13

Media Contact: Davi Barker

Launch Navigator | 408.718.0148

or Drew Phillips

Launch Co-Pilot | 520.300.1412

#HoodieTheHomeless Lands in San Francisco

Bitcoin Not Bombs has completed our crowd-funding campaign to purchase 325 hoodies to be distributed to the homeless of San Francisco, CA on December 22, 2013.

(San Francisco, CA) – On September 10, 2013 Bitcoin Not Bombs launched a crowd-funding campaign to purchase 325 discontinued orange hoodies from Mass Appeal Inc. to be given to the homeless in time for Winter, and to do a little guerrilla marketing for Bitcoin in a downtrodden community that can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

This was entirely a Bitcoin project. The fundraising was done in Bitcoin, and the hoodies were purchased with Bitcoin, thanks to Mass Appeal Inc. Although we did not refuse war dollar donations, the $388 dollars donated was converted to bitcoin using

Campaign Highlights:


    We raised over 12 bitcoin using a Bitcoin Starter campaign that ran from September 10th to October 8th. Bitcoin Starter is a crowd-funding platform that was created to help individuals and entrepreneurs receive funding for their ideas and projects through the direct support of Bitcoin pledgers.

    Using Cash Into Coins donors were able to deposit war dollars at many popular banks and credit unions have Bitcoin sent directly to this project. In addition, Cash Into Coins gave anyone who used the site to purchase their own bitcoin the option to contribute part of their transaction fee to Bitcoin Not Bombs which resulted in over 3.5 bitcoin.

    Through the generous contribution of Global Grins we are able to distribute 500 toothbrushes to those in need. The Global Grins team is dedicated to providing toothbrushes to as many impoverished persons around the world as possible

  • Bitcoin Quick Start Guide
    Using the Bitcoin Not Bombs propaganda fund we printed 2,500 brochures to help people get started using Bitcoin with particular emphasis on tools and services that are accessible to undocumented, homeless and unbanked people.

  • First Day of Distribution
    On November 17, 2013 we joined Project FEED to assemble and distribute 300 brown bag lunches, and 150 Bitcoin Not Bombs hoodies. Every recipient of a hoodie, and many of the vendors at the local farmer’s market received our Bitcoin Quick Start Guide.

  • Enter Phase Two

    When the Bitcoin Starter campaign ended we began taking pre-orders for Bitcoin Not Bombs t-shirts and hoodies. Each purchase was priced to cover the cost of a hoodie for someone in need. Using this strategy we sold 49 hoodies, and 16 t-shirts, funding an additional 65 hoodies for the project.


    Over 500 Bitcoin retailers offered one day deals on Bitcoin Black Friday. We were listed on the site with other great charities such as and We offered free international shipping on orders placed from Bitcoin Black Friday to Crypto Monday.

  • Next Distribution Day Scheduled
    On December 22, 2013 we will again join Project FEED to distribute brown bag lunches, toothbrushes, Bitcoin Quick Start Guides and 182 Bitcoin Not Bombs hoodies funded in Phase Two of the campaign.

Donation Breakdown: 12.02989888

General Donations 4.71131765 3.67977835

Presales 9.857467


Total raised 30.27846188 btc

Media Coverage:

Special Thanks to our friends and supporters from Amagi Metals, BitMit, Mass Appeal Inc, Mad Bitcoins, Open Garden,, Free Talk Live, Peace News Now, Porc Therapy, Lets Talk Bitcoin, Sean’s Outpost, The Liberty Beat, The Angel Clark Show, Roberts & Roberts and the dozens of volunteers and donors who made this campaign happen.

About Bitcoin: Bitcoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer payment system. Whereas legacy payment systems rely on third-party intermediaries, Bitcoin transactions are secured through a distributed computing network, seamlessly enabling direct monetary transactions. The supply of Bitcoins is regulated by software and cannot be manipulated by any government, bank, organization or individual.

About Bitcoin Not Bombs: Bitcoin Not Bombs is a launching pad for NGOs and social entrepreneurs into Bitcoin economy, offering premium publicity campaigns designed to facilitate an organization’s adoption of Bitcoin, to fully capitalize on that decision in their fundraising efforts, and to connect them with commercial partners where they can spend Bitcoin. Bitcoin Not Bombs is committed to being the hub of the charity sector of the Bitcoin economy.

– END –

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