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For questions about advertising, link sharing, questions about donations, writing contributions, or any other contact with the staff at Bad Quaker Dot Com, please email badquaker at badquaker dot com.
Please include a basic topic in the subject line so we know you’re not spam.
Thank you for your interest in Bad Quaker Dot Com.

The comments section below are not provided here for “chat” purposes.

2 Responses to Contact Page

  1. jeff says:

    hey man sorry i never called about talking to my partner, he kinda shrugged it off.
    please let me know what phone number you are using, as i had it saved in my phone and did some development work which erased it. Once I know yours then I will know the old number to mwd’s and i will rebuild it for you. Also I will need an address to send it to.
    if you don’t know the number, give me a call at 0 or 611 and then i will know it.

    • jeff says:

      sorry now i see i should have written an email, but i cannot delete the above message. please delete these and forward the message to ben.

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