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26 Responses to Contact Page

  1. Matthew Raymer says:


    Have you read any of the works of Jocques Ellul?

  2. Anthony Tarnowski says:


    Where did you get the reference in earlier podcasts that George Washington gathered 50+ people to craft the Constitution about 6 weeks before the Convention. I have been reading “American Aurora”. It is the story of the opposition paper in the late 1700s. Ben Franklin’s grandson was charged under the Alien and Sedition Act. There are numerous quotes from letters and newspaper references from the time of the War and under the Adams administration. Franklin was at the Convention the whole time and tried to steer the convention to adopt a government with 1 legislative body and a committee for the executive. Franklin never did endorse the Constitution along with three or four others. It was Adam’s plan to have the current style of government and it was patterned after the British government. Adams wanted one legislative body for the commoners, one legislative body for Nobles with lifetime appointment(Senate), and one body in the place of a King (Presidency). Adams openly wanted a Monarchy here. There was nothing in the 900 page tome about a preConvention coup. The Convention appeared to solely be to write a Constitution rather than to tweak the Articles of Confederation. The Book does show that the new government in the late 1700s is no different than the one America has today. I have a PDF of “Conceive in Liberty”. Is it in there?

    Thank you for your time

  3. A. Farmer says:

    Hey Ben, I like the show and agree with about 90 percent of your analysis, especially how you boil it all down to the non-aggression principle. Anyway, I wonder if you could comment on the following 4 part essay by Eerik Wissenz entitled “Travesty of the anti-commons” ( Please read all 4 parts if you can stomach it.

    Even though he makes the classic left-libertarian blunder of confussing “society” with “government”, I think it comes from an honest place.


    A. Farmer

  4. valerie hibbard says:

    Hello, ran into a fellow gun enthusiast while I was walking a gun show this weekend in Dayton with a MK48 on my back, and we got to talking and he recommended I contact you.

    I make this sculpture:
    I work here: including making their web page and doing their facebook page and sticking gun parts in and out of CNC machines,
    work facebook:
    My facebook:

    and if all that doesn’t scare you off or actually looks interesting, would love to hear from another Quaker who follows their inner light more faithfully than they follow their concern over what other people think.


  5. Max Abramson says:

    On Thursday, the New Hampshire Supreme Court rejected all three issues
    raised on appeal in State v. Abramson, which has been winding its way
    through the courts for three years. The Court did not even accept
    oral arguments from Appellate Defender Stephanie Hausman, who argued
    for a new trial in her brief, “This is an exceptional case where the
    evidence of substantial and grossly deviating risk was so slim and the
    evidence of Abramson’s justification so patent that a miscarriage of
    justice may have occurred.”

    Justices also declared that the trial court could keep out evidence of
    a woman chasing down Lee Cwalina with an ax, “yelling I’m going to
    kill you because you called the police.” Evidence of another attempted
    murder by a “large man”–presumed Paris Cormier, a notorious area gang
    leader with two prior attempted murder convictions–attempting to
    wrestle the gun from Abramson is not mentioned in the decision.

    Chief Justice Dalianis and other also stated that officers could
    bypass Miranda rights between holding people at gunpoint and police
    testimony that, “right now he’s being detained until we get this whole
    thing sorted out.”

    “Upon this evidence,” states the decision, “we cannot say that a
    reasonable person in the position of the defendant would have believed
    himself to have been in custody before he was placed in handcuffs.”

    Police admitted at trial that they did not collect blood samples,
    fingerprints, bloody towels, or even the beer bottle (see photo) and
    knife that one woman tried to use on another, according to one witness
    statement. Police also admitted in reports that they released known
    criminals Paris Cormier, state’s witness Robert Rupkey, Malcom Burns,
    and Amanda Wilson from the nearby “Fast Eddy’s” despite criminal
    records turned over by the prosecutor showing dozens of prior
    convictions and outstanding warrants. Evidence of prior attempted
    murders, unarmed robbery, statutory rape, assaulting an officer, drug
    trafficking near a school, burglary, cruelty to animals, witness
    threatening, and about two dozen Assault & Battery convictions were
    also kept from the jury. Also kept out by the prosecutor were police
    station video, Laurie Materials, as well as evidence of Officer
    Tetreault’s North Hampton collision, Hersey’s alleged theft from the
    Toy Bank Fund, and alleged physical abuses by Officer Buccheri. All
    of whom testified.

    My official statement:
    “Neither Jim Reams nor the Seabrook Police have explained why they
    released all of these known criminals and gang members. Many of them
    have gone on to harm others and commit many other serious crimes.”

    “Gun owners prevent an estimated 2.5-3.5 million crimes in this
    country each year. In historically well armed states, violent crime
    rates are much lower because career criminals are the ones living in
    fear. Violent crime rates are 3-5 times higher in gun control
    jurisdictions because criminals know that, at worst, they may spend a
    few months with their friends in prison.”

    “I will be formally requesting a pardon from the governor. The New
    Hampshire Constitution guarantees the right to defend your home and
    your community, but the prison lobby and Police Chiefs Association
    simply wield too much political clout in our state. The safety of our
    communities is in jeopardy because of cases like this.”

  6. Hey Ben, I would like to have you on my show to debate Chris Cantwell about his statements in regards to violence in self-defense against the state. Hope you are doing well! Peace and Freedom


  7. Mick says:

    I’m sure you meant for your FAQ page to be some sort of humor, but I must say, it completely turned me off from whatever message you are trying to deliver. I will continue my research elsewhere.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Mick, ” I will continue my research elsewhere.”
      Good. The last thing we need around here is some stuffy jerk that can’t understand a little humor.

  8. Chris says:

    Hey Mr. Stone,
    Do you have a email address I can reach you at?
    Love the show so much and I have some questions for you. I’m originally from Colorado but I am now living in Sweden and I am opening a brewery here. So I need some advice, basically on life.
    Thanks for the fantastic show

  9. Rebecca says:

    LOVED your Porcfest talk Ben, glad to catch it live. Is there going to be a link with the latest re Freedom Feens?
    Thanks for all you do!

  10. Garrett says:

    I just read your article about bullion and looked at the web links provided(some seem to have issues). I am new to the bullion world and was expecting to find it much different than it is. Do you know of any company that sells bullion in sizes like 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 ounce sizes? Any help will be appreciated.

  11. Bernie says:

    Ben I’ve been trying to register on your forum but cannot do so. I’ve tried three different browsers but it appears the captcha widget isn’t working correctly.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      Bernie, it seems to work fine for me. Are you answering the test question below the captcha question?

  12. Shawn Bailey says:

    Hey Ben,

    Is there a address to send donations by mail?

  13. Kyle Comstock says:

    Hey there Ben,
    Love the podcast and especially the history lessons as I rarely have time to read up on such subjects. Keep up the good work as there ARE ears to hear truth out here. I just wish we didn’t live in a world where rational thinkers were a minority as it feels very lonely and bleak sometimes in a sea of false god/king/state/deity worshipers. I take solace in that it seems within recent years, folks are more apt to entertain different and obvious truth perspectives of our culture and existence.

    I just need you to know that you and your guests have been very influential in my life and that spark will continue to disperse throughout.

    Thank you.

    Your friend in liberty/anarchy/whatever,

  14. Jim says:

    Ben, your Amazon link isn’t working. I came her to use it to support your show, but no link. Just text saying.:

    You can support Bad Quaker Dot Com by using this link to Amazon “

  15. Taryon says:

    I just listeded to podcast 243, as much as I like the message Ron Paul has, I agree that he sould not “fix” the government. As Ernie Handcock says “get a wooden stake and a mallet”.

  16. Jon Kines says:

    Sometimes online text can be a difficult medium to properly convey emotions, if I failed to convey the fact that this was merely a difference of opinion as opposed to an emotional condemnation then the fault lies with me and I apologize. The intent of the post was merely to offer another interpretation of what we both agree were tactical mistakes on the part of Rothbard within the context of his many attempts at triangulation. I honestly believe the impetus of this was Rothbard had too much faith in his own skills of persuasion, formidable as they were.
    I don’t expect, nor would I even desire, anarcho-capitalism to be monolithic in terms of stance or opinion as the very notion is in many ways contrary to so much that we stand for. The aim was merely to offer a different perspective, and I reiterate that your podcast is among the most engaging, articulate, entertaining, and often profound defenses of liberty within the movement today. All of us, at times, are bound to disagree on the margins, but that does not compromise our solidarity on the principles of markets and liberty.


    • Bad Quaker says:

      Thanks for clarifying that Jon. When I commented earlier I had just been dealing with a critic who was attacking Rothbard and and I was in the position of defending him. I suppose I allowed the one discussion to blend into the other.


  17. Jon Kines says:

    First of all, I would like to state that I thoroughly enjoy the website and each and every one of your podcasts, as they are among the most articulate and profound defenses of liberty within the movement. However, your assessment of Rothbard, during pc237, as somewhat of a false prophet who didn’t really believe his own arguments, is one with which I profoundly disagree.

    I find it far more plausible that the man who penned “Anatomy of the State” suffered not from a paucity of faith but from a surfeit of it. The reason Rothbard so often reached out to the margins of both parties and attempted to win converts to liberty was his own unwavering faith not only in his ability to persuade, but in the validity of his arguments. Have we all not either been, or been in the presence of, one who sees or believes something so clearly that he or she is at a loss to understand why others do not inevitably come to the same conclusion? This could apply to a mathematical genius delineating category theory, or a Faulkner scholar elucidating the many meanings of Absalom, Absalom! In terms of liberty, that man was Rothbard.
    Secondly, the assertion that those who have faith in the tenets of liberty need not attempt to educate, convert, or advance the movement in any way struck me as especially specious from an articulate champion of the liberty movement who self defines liberty as his “mission.”
    All of us within the movement attempt to promote and advance the cause of liberty hhowever we can. This is done not out of a crisis of faith, but as a consequence of the same self-interest which serves as the impetus for the free markets that are the foundation of a free society.

    • Bad Quaker says:

      You seem very upset. And you’ve put a lot of energy into this post. It’s a shame your conclusions are so wrong. Perhaps it was the way I presented my statements. Perhaps you are of the impression that any criticism of Rothbard is a complete condemnation of Rothbard. Extremes are so unhelpful when based on emotion.


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